Saturday, May 26, 2012

DESPITE EXILE: "Re-evolve"

Rating: 4/10
Label: Despite Exile 2012
Review by Martien Koolen

After their rather successful debut album Scarlet Reverse Italian progressive deathcore rockers Despite Exile come up with a new EP; featuring three songs. And if you like your music heavy and loud then this band will be a treat to your ears. However if you hate - like I do - or dislike grunting instead of singing then this album will be a bit of a problem..... As much as I like the really heavy, melodic guitar riffs, hooks, solos and melodies I cannot get used to the horrible grunting of Jei Durisotti. But if you like that and you like a band like for instance Meshuggah then this EP will not leave your CD player for a long while. Oscillate is filled with trashy guitar riffs and lots of progressive, technical metal elements and melodies while the third track Mechanical is a rather melodic song, but of course it is rather heavy and breathtakingly loud as well. Perfection Neutralized was already released as a music video on BlankTV and it got a lot of good responses.So, if you like complex and heavy deathcore Despite Exile is the band for you, I will pass as the grunting disturbes me too much to really enjoy the music.

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