Sunday, May 13, 2012

FOUREVER: "Solitarium"

Rating: 6/10
Label: Fastball Music 2012
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

According to the press-release, the first all-girl metal band to ever tour Egypt! Yeah? The Bangles did walk like an Egyptian already back in the eighties though. I don't believe it's relevant (it all comes down to the quality of their music) if they're a band consisting of women (yes, the correct term here would be women or even better musicians, definitely not girls) or if they've been touring the pyramids of Egypt.

Orignally formed in Olofström, Sweden in the year 2000 as a four piece (hence the name and why forever never last) but are nowadays a power-trio lead by twin sisters: Mia (vocals/guitar) and Nina Moilanen (drums). They grew up listening to their dad's Rainbow, Iron Maiden and Uriah Heep records, and their debut album simply oozes of denim and leather. Don't go thinking it's all retro though as their melodic metal melodies are actually steeped somewhere in between the classic NWOBHM and the Goth metal of the 00's. This piece of evidence can also be found in Mia's vocal performances as her influences (intentional or not) are coming through loud and clear. There are hints of the old skool guard and quite a lot of Amy Lee from Evanescence.

"Solitarium" is quite the raw and basic sounding power-trio album with not too many layers of guitars and not a single piano note to be found on the record. Of course, there are tons of bands doing similar things out there on the web, but what sets Fourever apart is the almost hypnotic beat and arrangements. Tracks such as "Shout Shout My Name", "I'm Sorry", "Solitary", "No More", and my personal fave, "Stand Alone", are all worthy of your instant attention. They are still a work in progress though and I do miss out a couple of hooks and sing-a-long moments.

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