Friday, March 25, 2011

OVERDRIVE: "Angelmaker"

Rating: 6/10

Label: LionMusic 2011

Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

Blimey, it's... 1981!!!??? One word: ancient. Two words: old skool. Three words: heavy metal dinosaur. I honestly thought the previous record (Let The Metal Do The Talking) showcased a more direct and interesting Overdrive than ever before and thus why I expect a similar approach this time around. Sure enough, lyrically, "Angelmaker" deals with various strange topics such as catholic priests (right you are there, Father Ted), vampires, indians (I believe it's native Americans?), psychopaths and the lovely group of the Swedish Angelmakers. The latter being extra extra morbid since they were a group of women who took care of illegitimate children through drowning, suffocation or starvation, being paid for their services. The last (?) angelmaker was convicted in the 1920's in Sweden.

Admittedly, "Angelmaker" demonstartes exactly how old skool and retro Overdrive are/is and there's some very metal (as Vivian would say) stuff on here, the problem is though, it's a minor step back from previous attempt and they even seem to have run out of ideas at times. "In Gut We Trust" is the real deal though with a stomping beat and guitar riff that will surely appeal to most metal fans and old farts alike. The Frida (ABBA) cover "I Know There's Something Going On" is sadly a disappointment really. The Overdrive version lack all the needed ingredients which made the original a rather fun and catchy tune. File this under so so.


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  1. Sounds awful. Couldn't find it to stream it anywhere, but found 'Let The Metal Do The Talking' and it sounded like a bad early Anthrax impersonation with embarrasing songs.

    Just about what I've come to expect by now by about half of the Lion Music back catalogue...