Friday, March 25, 2011

MEANSTREAK: "Declaration Of War"

Rating: 3/10

Label: Black Lodge 2011

Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

Meanstreak are desperately trying to paste and copy the best of eighties metal. It's a "Declaration Of War" and there must be something in the Swedish water at the moment, as we appear to be releasing a bunch of average 'heavy metal' albums as of lately. I blame the likes of Hammerfall as they seem to be setting the standard for "great" metal in this country. Man, are we disillusional or what??? (then again, the Finns are exactly the same with their Brother Firetribe). Unfortunately though, most of this kind of thing was done to death back in the eighties and much better performed and executed I may add. The song titles give it away really. What else to expect from song and dance numbers such as "In For the Kill", "Crimson Sky", "As You Sow You Shall Reap", "No Mans Land", "Brothers Til The End", "Sons of Metal", than the old sword/shield, let's go to the battlefield and then sod off completely? The two guitarists Patrik Gardberg (Divinefire) and David Andersson (Soilwork) are more than capable of coming up with some interesting twin-guitar work, it's merely a shame the material won't stand the test.


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