Monday, September 24, 2018

The LAST BAND - Hisingen

Rating: RRRR
Label: Gain/Sony Music 2018
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

"Don't give a shit about your city nights. We burn cars and dance around with knifes. Here we go again... Hisingen".  Absolutely. There's plenty of gang vocals, matching socks, grinding guitars, catchy hooks, and overall vicious melodies. It's suburbia, Gothenburg, Sweden, and not New York's Lower East Side or East L.A. U.S. of A though. They don't burn cars on daily bases and you're definitely not going to find as many gangbangers in the yellow and blue hood. You will however find The LAST BAND and the All-American sound on their latest offering to the Gods of hardcore and metal.

Seriously. The group have made the best US hardcore/metal tribute in years. Crunchy riffs, snarling vocals, it's the dark side as well as the rather fresh update of the 90s America generation acts such as Rage Against The Machine, Prong, Body Count, Beastie Boys. Yes. I know it's 80s acts too. However. They all recorded their best work in the 90s. After two albums and a solid rooting in the Gothenburg scene, the mad five are ready to take on the world with album three. Hisingen is music from the LA/NY underground school of sonics that stand miles above most followers of post-90's angst and destruction. It's basically the whole she-bang including the idea of the broken society and angry young men on dope. Perhaps not the latter as the lyric goes: they change, we won't. Still not in it for the drugs. Apparently also not in it for Keats or Shelley as some of the lines are just too blue for my personal taste.

Vocally. It's 100% Rage (Against The Machine) and you believe in every twisted word that Mr.Blood spits out in attempt to unleash all the demons and fury. "Behind The Flag", We're all numbers with a price tag. The bedtime story about your soulless individual in a mind controlling society. How we just strive to become more successful without knowing what success really is. Is it a bigger car, a hot wife and a first class ticket to heaven? Uncompromising stuff and even Jello Biafra would nod and agree that it's all about freedom of speech and anti-censorship. Authentic metal that feels like a kick to the solar plexus.

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