Saturday, March 4, 2017

The MUTE GODS: ”Tardigrades Will Inherit The Earth”

Rating: RRRR
Label: Inside Out Music
Review by Martien Koolen

The second album of The Mute Gods, consisting of Nick Breggs (bass, guitars, keyboards and vocals), Roger King (keyboards, guitars) and Marco Minnemann (drums), is again a real progressive rock gem. The album with the rather weird title Tardigrades Will Inherit The Earth, features 11 new songs, of which two (Saltatio Mortis and The Andromeda Strain) are instrumental. Saltatio Mortis (dance of death) opens the album and it is a rather experimental, tricky song with great guitar hooks and excellent drumming; the same accounts for the other instrumental track The Andromeda Strain, which is a bit more obscure and super proggy.

The Dumbing Of The Stupid (again a weird title) is the first absolute prog rock gem of this album; clocking over seven minutes it is filled with great guitar work from King and Breggs. Another highlight is the song The Singing Fish Of Batticaloa which clocks over eight minutes and that one is really experimental and proggy to the bones. Most of the songs on this album are actually more aggressive and really tense and dark (except for the two rather ”mellow” songs Early Warning and Stranger Than Fiction), making this album more difficult to listen to for the first time. However after a couple of spins you will get hooked to the sound of this excellent prog rock trio; they are indeed Gods, musically spoken that is. Play it loud and listen to it on your headphones and then you will even be more amazed.  Tardigrades by the way are also known as water bears or miss piglets, and are in fact micro-animals.

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