Thursday, March 9, 2017

DEAD OF NIGHT - "In Search Of Ancient Magic"


LABEL: Self Release

REVIEW BY: Alan Hollowaty

British would be symphonic rockers Dead of Night return with their second album, challenging the big boys and girls with a low budget but high ambition. I say it's the second album, but the first was recorded and released twice, the second time with current vocalist Briony Featon, so it's actually their third release, and... oh never mind, it's the music that matters.

It's immediately apparent that Dead Of Night have the talent to back up their ambition, as opening track 'One Night Holy' is a rollicking, guitar heavy track with a great melody. I don't know how their original singer sounded, but Briony Felton is a fine replacement either way, with a clear, melodic, powerful voice. The band's symphonic affectations are quite evident, and although there's no orchestra the keyboards provide plenty of atmosphere and classical effect. The title track that follows allows the keyboards to take more of a central role the album pretty much continues in this way, with plenty of nicely paced, catchy tracks laced with very effective keyboards throughout. Fourth track 'Child of Wolves' is the first to go full on Nightwish, with whirlwind pace and drama all over the place. There's two slower tracks, 'Airaeth' and 'the Other Side Of The Rain', placed well in the middle and at the close of the alum respectively. I'm not always keen on slower songs, but these are quite beautiful, that latter never outstaying it's seven minute runtime.

The more I listen to 'In Search Of Ancient Magic' the more I enjoy it. It's much better than most symphonic hopefuls, with a lot of bouncy energy on top of the serious stuff, and there's even a track about scientist Michael Faraday (he discovered the principles underlying electromagnetic induction, diamagnetism and electrolysis, science fans)! It's quirky enough to be fun, and dramatic enough to be deep, and I would urge any fans of female fronted classical themed rock to get a copy.

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