Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Rating: RRR
Label: MelodicRock Records
Review by Kimmo Toivonen

Now that MelodicRock Records has signed every worthwhile AOR/Hard Rock band from Spain, the label is moving focus to Spain’s western neighbor Portugal. The first signing from Portugal is Intuitive. Formed by ex-Faithfull guitarist Rui Martins, this band is more hard rock than AOR but melodic all the same. Martins is the main songwriter and his guitar is the leading force behind the songs.

The songs on ”Reset” range from the guitar-driven hard rock tracks á la Van Halen, Hardline and Dokken to the more melodic rock type of material which reminds me of Nelson and Firehouse. Maybe with a touch of the European sound of Casanova, Frontline and the likes. Yes, the band’s very much stuck in the eighties, but I’m not complaining about that!

What I could complain about is the fact that apart from one, none of the songs really stand out. They’re all pretty good, but that’s about it. The harder-edged songs have a lot of energy but they’re lacking when it comes to the hooks, while the softer songs have plenty of melody but somehow they sound a little tiresome. When the band sing about ”setting the night on fire” you won’t be reaching for a fire extinguisher - they just don’t sound convincing.

The one song that stands out is ”Gone”, one of the more melodic ones. The band doesn’t re-invent the wheel with it but all the pieces fit nicely. The hook is strong, and while the overall vibe is very laid-back, there’s a certain kind of intensity in the song. A few more like this for the next album, please!

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