Tuesday, April 12, 2016

C.O.P. UK: ”No Place For Heaven”

Rating: RRRR
Label: UDR 2016
Review by Kimmo Toivonen

C.O.P. UK (formerly known as Crimes Of Passion) supported Rage and Halloween here a while ago, and I was highly impressed by their set (see our live review). A copy of the this album found its’ way to my shopping bag from the merch stand, and I think it deserves to be reviewed here.

Who ever wrote their bio says that they have ”an epic sense construct of melody, dynamics and power” and I can’t disagree. They have found their place somewhere between melodic metal, hard rock and AOR and let me tell you, it’s a fine place to be!

Guitarists Charles and Andy provide the foundation with great rifforama, not forgetting the solid backing from the rhythm section of Kev & Scott. The icing on the cake are the cool-as-ever keyboard work from Henning Wenner of Jaded Heart/Mad Max/CircleIICircle fame and Dale’s fine and melodic vocals.

My favourite songs include the massive opening duo of ”The Core”, ”My Blood” and the catchy ”Catch Me If You Can” (see what I did there :)). The band knows how to construct fine ballads too, as the title track and ”Kiss Of An Angel” prove. Yeah, this is good stuff.


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