Friday, March 4, 2016

JONNY NUTT: "Songs of Yesteryear"

Rating: RRR
Label: Yesteryear Records 2016
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

Jonny Nutt, a complete nutter or the unsung hero? From Derry/Londonderry, N.Ireland, the bassist/vocalist and songwriter has brought his own collection 'Song of Yesteryear' for your listening pleasure. Formerly The Whole Tribe Sings and Red Organ Serpent Sound, currently with Paddy Nashy & The Ennchiladas, also presently recording with Rebecca Harkin and the legendary Junior Johnson.

Indeed. It's N.Ireland at its storytelling best as 'Songs of Yesteryear' blends acoustic, folk-rock, the touch of country, and traditional singer/songwriter stuff. It's so darn easy to name-drop Van-The-Man (that's Morrison in case you got lost?) every time you hear an album in this particular style and genre. Truth be told. It dates back even further to the old bards and storytellers of yesteryear. The ginger hobbit (one of the most popular artists in the world at the moment) would feel right at home as Nutt is a great wordsmith writing honest, bittersweet, down-to-earth stories.

Opening track, 'The Flowers Of Spain', speaks about his love for Barcelona or rather the Senorita from over there and I quote, "From the roses of old England to Persia's fragrant plains. There's none to compare, none to compare. You wont find finer in this world, anywhere, than the flowers of Spain", end quote. The Spanish sound (trumpet) and lovely background vocals by Harkin and Diane Greer (Paddy Nash). Merely eight tracks and time fly(s) by just like that and then it's over.

We're barely scratching the surface here and if you're looking really hard you can probably pick up bits and pieces of everything from Cat Stevens to James Taylor. Solid stuff.

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