Sunday, May 18, 2014

STRATOVARIUS: "Nemesis Days" (DVD)

Rating: DVD
Label: earMUSIC/Edel 2014
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

The deluxe version of Nemesis or the brand new 80 minute DVD documentary? Both actually as you receive the 2013 studio album as the bonus CD. Their best album in ages and it's poppy/catchy material wins you over in the end. The DVD on the other hand is unfortunately the rather sloppy, second rate production, and my humble advice would simply be hire the English production team for your next documentary. Glass houses anyone? Yeah. Sure. Nonetheless. The overall structure and close to naive approach to everything from set-up to layout and Q&A, makes you believe they picked the less expensive (read: dead cheap) and certainly not the best production team.

Fast forward/skip the annoying intro and straight to band interviews (Q&A) and classics such as: 'if you had to pick one song from Nemesis. Do you feel any pressure from the other band members. How do you get ready for a tour. What do you feel 5 minute before the show. Choose one Stratovarius classic song. Choose your fave album'. Choose this, that, and what not really. You know, the basic Q&A formula to your standard e-mail interview. Perhaps not the technique you'd use for the high-tech DVD documentary? The answers you receive are usually as dry and boring as the questions. Before the show, "sometimes you're quite, sometimes you're loud". Regarding the tour, "the worst part is the waiting".

Albeit, since there's not a single original member of the band, you have the rather unique approach to Q's such as: Do you remember the first time you heard a Stratovarius song? I'm not entirely sure it's appropriate though? Spinal Tap to the rescue? You don't ever feel like you've learned anything (about the band) from watching this and when Matias describe Jens as ancient in their 'one word' game, well, that's sadly the funniest as well as the best moment of the entire disc. I can't imagine that any member of the band would be pleased with the DVD? The best section? The bonus videos of Halycon Days. Unbreakable. If the Story is over. Deep Unknown. And Under flaming skies. Final verdict: Good music - not so good DVD concept and production.

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