Thursday, May 29, 2014

MIRACLE MASTER: "Tattooed Woman"

Rating: RRRR
Label: GoldenCore Records/ZYX 2014
Review by Rich Dillon

Have you ever heard of the band Miracle Master?  No worries, me neither until I was sent their debut release for review, but I do suspect however that that will change.  The band issued their debut effort, Tattooed Woman, in March via GoldenCore Records/ZYX Music with whom Miracle Master has penned a worldwide record deal.  Proclaiming Stuttgart as their hometown, Miracle Master has also teamed up with the folks at Germany’s RockNGrowl Management.  They are comprised of the former members of the band Pump with drummer Andy Minich, bassist Michael Vetter and the double axe assault of Aki Reissmann and Selly Bernhardt.  The departure of Pump vocalist Marcus Jurgens made way for the addition of Oliver Weers to form Miracle Master.

Unsure what to expect by looking at the album cover, which invokes a Wild West kind of feel resembling a movie one-sheet promo poster that’s almost a cross between Gone with the Wind and a Quentin Tarantino feature if that makes any sense.  All doubts were instantly washed away with this hefty slab of dirty hard rock.  There’s nothing too complicated or out of control here, just straight ahead grinding hard rock riffs with a modern twist from time to time and enough solos, none of which are too over the top, to shake a stick at.

Although my ears were perked up right at the start with the opener “Come Alive” and it’s follow up of “Fly Away” I found that the album just seemed to improve as the listen went on.  The top tracks for me are “Stay With Me” featuring a lowdown, grinding riff uplifted with a melodic chorus, “Miracle Masters” with it’s blistering fast pace that just seems to be over too soon and the finale of “We All Touch Evil” leaving you hungry for another track, so you press play once again.  All the compositions contained are hard rock delights even the Nickelbackish (of whom I am most certainly not a fan) sounding title track, “Tattooed Woman”, and I recommend that you keep an ear to the ground on Miracle Master!

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