Saturday, October 12, 2013


Rating: R
Label: RockRoad 2013
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

The song 'Satan's City Shuffle' is an interesting attempt to break down the boundaries between hardrock and comedy. The title may be an amusing, nostalgic trip down the TV programmes of Bad News and the work of Rik Mayall and co. Unfortunately the guys and doll of Hollywood Burnouts are not trying to re-create the spoof rock of Channel 4 in the U.K. since they are the proper band with proper members such as Chrizzy Roxx and Nikki Sinn. Ehem, wait. Are they German rockers or porn-stars? No idea really as their names are probably straight from the dvd-box of the latter category.

Apparently the first album had the Glam/Sleaze style which clearly didn't work? They are now mixing and trixing the 80's style with third rate 70's Aerosmith shuffle as well as the latest Glam/Sleaze out of Scandinavia (think Reckless Love & Crazy Lixx only worse). Musically, they have sadly not that much to offer, whining vocals and the sod boring mediocrity that local pub bands have done for years and with much better result I may add since their audience are always drunk.

The absolutely best thing about Hollywood Burnsouts - the smashing guitarwork (thumbs up!). The not too shabby rock of "Access All Areas", and of course their ability to believe in rock'n roll. Yes I know. You're supposed to write about music in the old fashioned and boring way. Some old fart geezer set the formula back in 1898 and that's the only way things should be. Don't do anything out of ordinary or you're bound to upset people. So... okay. Rik Mayall and co. they are not, but the irony is that Bad News had more exciting and fun songs (Warriors Of Ghengis Khan!!) and they played Monsters Of Rock. Kick it...

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