Saturday, October 26, 2013

Gerry LAFFY: "Wrecked But Not Crushed"

Rating: RRr
Label: Die Laughing Records 2013
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

Blimey. Gerry Laffy again? It's his second solo album release of the year and everything is self-written and performed by the former guitarist for Girl, John Taylor, London Cowboys and Ultravox? To be perfectly honest. I had no idea about the latter and I'm a fan of the Ultravoxers. I guess it's the tour only guitarist? But don't take my word for it. Previously just a little blurred - Laffy's brush with death was the main inspiration for "Wrecked But Not Crushed" as he contracted life threatening speticaemia earlier this year.

There's nothing like a close encounter with the grim repear to get your inspiration going and to make you appreciate life? That is if you're not already completely dead inside. Laffy's latest album and opener "High" is definitely more upbeat and happy going in the vein of rocking in the free world and good old fashioned guitar riffing. Vocally, the man end up somewhere inbetween the work of Joe Elliott (Def Leppard) and Mark Rankin (Gun). Not quite as impressive but could easily do as the Monday night stand in at the local rock venue. The drums are however not quite Laffy at his best and the timing... well... at times wild and (w)reckless.

The main idea and thinking behind this album is no doubt guitar rock, groovy beats, the good time blues (check out the track: Another Man), as well as the traditional U.K. formula only with a twist. I can't help thinking about the Phil Collen project of Manraze as well as the odd Gun track and Power Station. The latter, perhaps not that strange considering the cover of "Dope". Not the best of version for that matter as it may lack the extra omph and strenght of the original. Then again, their record label showered them with millions of $ to receive the best out of production and mastering. You really can't compare the two on such merit alone. "Wrecked But Not Crashed" is far cheerier than his previous attempt at world domination and yet I prefer several songs from his earlier album. Go figure.
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