Tuesday, June 5, 2012

JETTBLACK: "Raining Rock"

Rating: 8/10
Label: Spinefarm 2012
Review by Kimmo Toivonen

Hot on the heels of Crashdiet, Reckless Love, The Treatment and other new generation hair metal bands comes Jettblack, a UK band raised on a nutritious diet of Mötley Crüe, AC/DC and Van Halen. In fact, the band sounds like it could have been one of the "second wave" bands that released their debut albums between 1989 and 1992. However, had this album been released back then I'm sure that they could've been one of the more successful groups. Maybe not a million seller but a couple of hit videos and a gold album? There's something quite likeable in their recycled hard rock, and they've got plenty of energy. Not to mention a handful of infectious songs.

The album's first single and video "Raining Rock" might have almost Spinal Tap-ish lyrics, but it's a pretty damn effective hard rock song. So effective, that it's actually included twice on the album - the second version features Udo Dirkschneider giving the song his unique stamp. The video's worth checking out too.

My favourite moments of the album are the more melodic tracks though, the Skid Row'ish "Prison Of Love", "Something About That Girl" and "Never Gonna Give It Up". The good thing is that even the weaker tracks get an extra point or two for the sheer energy of the band.

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