Monday, June 18, 2012

HERMAN FRANK: "Right In The Guts"

Rating: RRR
Label: Metal Heaven 2012
Review by Alan Holloway

Herman Frank is a rather well known German guitarist, who contributed to the Accept Classic “Balls To The Wall”, and has been with Victory since 1986 (although he is back with Accept for this years “Stalingrad” album). His 2009 solo album, “Loyal To None” was pretty well received, and so he’s back with another one.

For this album, vocalist Jiotis Parachidis has been replaced with the similarly voiced Rick Altzi (At Vance), who brings a comforting, gravelly sound to proceedings. This is the sort of voice that has graced many European metal albums, and whilst it won’t make your jaw drop it certainly gets the job done with absolutely no problems, and can be appreciated by just about anyone. Musically, “Right In The Guts” does just what it says on the cover, delivering fourteen powerful, driving melodic metal outings. As with the previous album it’s solid, dependable stuff and there’s nothing wrong with it except that the lack of anything that really breaks free and kicks you in, well, the guts.

So this is certainly a good piece of heavy metal, with plenty of melody, a bit like the last Bangalore Choir album, and like that album it only falls down because all of the songs are good but few are great. Nonetheless, it should certainly keep fans of Herman Frank happy, and if you enjoyed his previous solo outing you’ll certainly get off on this one.

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