Sunday, January 1, 2012

M & R Rush: "Alpha"

Rating: 5/10

Label: M & R Rush 2011

Review by Kimmo Toivonen

Chicago-based readers who followed the scene in the seventies might remember this band, as apparently they were "local heroes" and had local radio hits and sold-out shows during their heyday. In 1987 they threw in the towel, yet the people didn't seem to forget them. Finally in 2002 the band was re-formed and they've played a lot of summer shows after that and released a few CDs. With 40 years of history behind them, it's worth applouding that the guys still release new material for their fans and continue to play gigs. "Alpha" is their latest product, an 8-track mini-album with 5 M & R Rush originals, a couple of short interludes and an Autograph cover "Turn Up The Radio".

The band's songs rate from the metallic opener "He's A Different Kind Of Kat" to the flowery-powery 60'ies pop rock of "Loved By You". The "...Kat" song is probably the best of the bunch, although it doesn't have much of a chorus - the riffs and the groove is cool though. "The Hour Of The Wolf" and "She's Hotter Than Hell" are just too Spinal Tap for their own good, and "Sometimes She Cries" is a bland ballad. Maybe the band should've covered the Warrant song by the same name...

The Autograph cover is a fairly faithful version and the band pulls it off quite well. Unfortunately the bands' own compositions pale in comparison to it.

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