Friday, January 13, 2012

COASTLAND RIDE: "Coastland Ride"

Rating: 7/10

Label: Avenue Of Allies 2011

Review by Kimmo Toivonen

Avenue Of Allies record label hooked up with Coastland Ride and as a result, we're served with a double dose of their music - a re-issue of their 2003 debut album and a brand new album. This is the re-issue, and it's enhanced with three bonus tracks.

I remember somewhat liking this album back then, and the opening track "Let Me Let You Go" was among my favourites of that year. That song is still a fine piece of AOR, but overall I find this album a bit too lame for my taste these days. When the band choose to rock out a little more they aren't too bad at all, but the wimpy, poppy westcoast stuff like "Never The Same" or "Second Hand America" makes reach for the skip button.

Out of the three bonustracks, "The World Is Not Enough" is the standout one, with a cool, dark vibe and a strong hook. "Jenny's Heart" weers more towards the westcoast style, while "Pitch Black Ride" is harder-edged one reminding me strangely of INXS. All three are better than some of the tracks that originally made it to the album.

The original album was a nine-track CD and for those songs I'd give a "6". With the additional three songs, this version of the album is stronger, and deserves a better rating. So there, it's a "7".


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