Thursday, September 1, 2011


Label: Doolittle 2011

Review by The Bailey Brothers

In England we have something called the WMC (working men’s Club) a circuit that is usually full of artists doing cover versions of well known songs to a predominantly working class audience. It’s notorious for being a difficult environment to play and usually the acts have to do two sets with the interval consisting of a few games of Bingo (numbers game ). Sadly the bingo gets more appreciation than some of the acts performing. If you are lucky (or maybe not) the band may sell you a CD of them playing a few cover songs to help earn a little extra. What’s my point? That’s exactly where this CD belongs. Ok yeah, I did smile when Mamma Mia kicked in and thought I can appreciate that for a one off but I found myself cringing at the obvious attempt to jump on the fame of Abba and co to try and gain some sort of recognition. Everyone loves ABBA because their songs were brilliantly composed and the hooks memorable. They were a one off and have been the template for many a pop wannabe. The playing on this release is fine and Tommy Rein Xeed has got a decent voice. A good producer could make a decent album with him if he put the screams in the right place. It’s a shame a decent musician has to go down this road to try and gain exposure especially after releasing credible albums prior to this but after murdering the final song on the disc “Listen To Your heart” (originally by Roxette) I think I had to listen to mine and just be honest. I thought this album was like a bad Eurovision song contest entry and deserved little more than Nil-Pwa. Long live Yngwie Malmsteen.


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