Thursday, September 1, 2011


Label: Point Music 2011

Review by The Bailey Brothers

A group of friends who have known each other for 25 years - so that should be a cool environment to be creative. The lyrics suck on this album. For mature guys who have seen alot of events unfold in the world the lyrical content is at best naive. They have tried to cover modern day issues like Afghanistan but the lyrics and their delivery on this release are like a shoe that just doesn’t fit right and the vocals are a bit average also. It’s a shame because songs such as “Last Chance“ are ok, Tram Stamp Boogie” has some cool riffs and a catchy chorus and “Valiant Song” has again a catchy hook in the chorus. It sounds like a demo with potential rather than the finished item but it’s cool to see people making music they want to. Yeah, a bit dated but very authentic and honest.


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