Tuesday, June 21, 2011

DAVID MARK PEARCE: "Strange Ang3ls"

Rating: 6/10

Label: AOR Heaven 2011

Review by Alan Holloway

If you’ve never heard of David Mark Pierce, it’s not a big surprise, as his biggest contribution to your record collection would be with the Oliver Wakeman Band. He’s one of those guitarists that other guitarists know, and I guess that this, his debut album, is an attempt to get himself known (and liked, of course) by the wider album buying public. That would be you, then.

As a guitarist, there’s no doubting Pierce’s credentials. The instrumental track “Everytime It Rains” comes midway through the album and soars beautifully with a highly original structure. Up that point it’s all been rather tame, with the album delivering songs that are good without being anything special. Even though vocals are handled by ex Talisman chap Goran Edman as well as Asia’s John Payne, the songs don’t put up much of a challenge. There’s nothing here that makes you want to call someone over and say “Listen to this!”, just track after track that you will probably enjoy with feet a-tapping and head a-nodding, just not too much. There are certainly some lively solos from the main man, but these tend to be the highlights of each track, rather than complimenting them.

I don’t really want to bring ark David Pearce down, as he is obviously a talented addition to the roster of UK guitarists, but the songwriting here is just not explosive enough to contain his guitar playing talent. The melodic rock boxes are firmly ticked, but in the end I couldn’t hum more than 2 tracks after a dozen listens. Close, but no cigar.


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