Thursday, April 28, 2011

ELOAH: "Ode To Brother Horn"

Rating: 1/10

Label: TSM/SLW 2011

Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

Reading the press-release and words such as "New Age, Progressive, Alternative", should instantly have me running for the hills. Instead I find myself listening to "Ode To Brother Horn" on several occassions, despertely trying to figure out what the hell it's all about??? Now, I actually like/love bands such as Pink Floyd, Marillion, etc, etc. and can't stand the early albums with Yes, Journey, and anything that's just too "hippie" and yes, new agey. Seriously, I wish they could all just feck off and die somewhere as Woodstock is certainly the root of ALL evil (ehem, music-wise). I'am totally with Cartman on this matter and dear hippies of the web, please don't send me your hate/love mails about flower-power and "the summer of love" b.s. Especially since we all know it's a lie and the correct title of your movement should read: "the summer of acid" as you were all high as kites, face-down, naked in the mud [ehem, coffee, I need lots of coffee, please dont take these words too seriously though, it's all tongue and cheek, kinda, lol :)].

Eloah is the musical project of Austrian (far-out, dude, Austrian hippies!) artist/musician: Elmar C. Fuchs and his new-age project started out back in 1993. Appearantly in the same category and territory as Stumo Yamashita (huh?) and Jade Warrior (what?), Elmar is the new age master of new-agey things? The album scored a massive 14 out of 16 (huh? 16?) points by Nick Tate @ Progressive Magazine (he did smoke an awful lot of s**t before typing though - seriously - just kidding - again!). However, you need to search/google/whatever for the Tate-type review as this fellow won't hand out any high points nor praise today (Pink Floyd is kinda 'hippie' though, no???). Good musician, not so good music, it's obviously a matter of taste and if you're a 'hippie' or not.


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