Tuesday, April 26, 2011

DUST AND BONES: "Rock and Roll Show"

Rating: 6/10

Label: Perris Records 2011

Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

Here's a lame quote by yours truly regarding Dust And Bones' independent 'Voodoo' release, - "Yes, it could be Jackyl, it could be Kix, it could be Broken Teeth, well, frankly it could be any of the 100,000's of similar bands and CD's throughout the years of hard rock and heavy metal. It's not a poor record, there's no crappy musician to be found here, it's just not very original", end quote. Blimey, straight to the point.

So what to expect this time around when they're signed to Perris Records in the states? (also responsible for the Kix and Broken Teeth releases as of lately, etc, etc). Well, I'm pleased to inform you that they've managed to step up to the plate and hit, not a homerun, but at least score some points (look, I'am not going to pretend to know the rules of Baseball since I'm strickly European and also a mad football fan - what the U.S. folks are refering to as Soccer, sucker?). The band still remain firmly within a sleazy formula and sound, most obviously in tracks such as "Alice's Wonderland", "Better Off Without Me", "Bleed Rock N Roll", Tounge and Cheek", but also have a classic rock vibe to themselves as well as a definite influence from Aerosmith and old R&B music, but this is perhaps most notable within the harmonica and rhythm guitar parts and arrangements.

"Love Songs" reminded me a lot of Tesla and just a hint of the sound of David Lee Roth's "Just Like Paradise" era. They're all about high energy and attitude and they'll throw a few odd curve balls (that would be baseball again, no?) your way every once in a while. It's nontheless pretty primitive sleaze and yes, it could very much still be: Kix, Broken Teeth (tooth?) or the latest attempt by Every Mother's Nightmare. It's the sort of music that probably works the best live on stage after you've had a couple of beers and to quote the band, "Rock and Roll will never die. We are a fun band and want everyone to have a good time when they listen to us and see us live". Decent sleaze, but hardly up there among the essential ones.


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