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Do you ever think that there's just not enough Celtic punk bands from Hungary? No? Fair enough, as I don't think anyone has EVER thought that, especially as Paddy & The Rats are enough Hungarian Celtic punk for anyone. Album number five sees a definite 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' attitude, with accordians and pipes joining the guitars for a pirate themed romp that is hard to dislike.

If the thought of Pirate Metal makes you cringe, you may want to stop reading now, as Paddy & The Rats are not ashamed of their love for murdering cutthroats with peg legs. 'Black Sails', Sail Away', 'Castaway', 'Where Red Paints The Ocean' and more demonstrate that there's a bit of a theme going on here. What counts, though, is the music itself, and in that respect 'Riot City Outlaws' delivers nicely. With more than a hint of Flogging Molly or Sir Reg, PATR turn up the fun control to eleven for the most part, with lively guitar fuelled jigs designed to be listened to with a mug full of mead in one hand and a busty serving wench in the other. Vocalist Paddy O'Reilly certainly channels the Emerald Isle nicely, though I have doubts that this is hid real Hungarian name! there's a couple of slower tracks that break the album up, but all in all it's a fun romp that will have fans of the genre bouncing upand down and waving their cutlases in the air.

'Riot City Outlaws' is derfinitely a fun listen, and almost impssible to ignore once it's started. Bouncy Celtic metal it may be, but anyone who can listen to Paddy & The Rats without a smile on their face may just be dead from the neck up. Personally I prefer the passion of Sir Reg, but if these rats ever leave their sinking ship and come my way I'll be first in the queue with a yo ho ho and a bottle of cider (I don't like rum, okay?).

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