Tuesday, September 26, 2017

TRUCKER DIABLO: "Fighting For Everything"




Belting out Southern fuelled hard rock by way of County Armagh, Trucker Diablo have gone from strength to strength over the course of three albums, and they show no sign of slowing down with this, album number four. So far they've not been in need of a tune up, but even with the quality of the previous releases, it has to be said that 'Fighting For Everything' may well prove to be a decent sized fuel injection for their career.

Always a superb, energy filled live band, Trucker Diablo will never have the same impact in the studio, but that doesn't mean to say they don't try. Opener 'Born Trucker' starts off with a galloping intro reminiscent of 80s Iron maiden before settling down into the familiar pounding riffage associated with Trucker Diablo. It's immediately catchy, like most of their songs, and I was singing about what a born trucker I was before the end of the first listen. Don't think this is some sort of country 'Convoy' type thing either – trucker Diablo are all about the head down, fist in the air rock experience, with power, passion and melody all sitting side by side in the cab. With this album they deliver track after track of this stuff, with each track having it's own identity even though the style is similar. Closer 'When The Waters Rise' changes tack completely, as the band sign off with a classy power ballad that works perfectly to help the listener come down from the frantic rocking of the previous ten tracks.

'Fighting For Everything' is a bit of a monster, truth be told. The songs all have huge potential to kill live (and I've no doubt they will), with massive guitars everywhere that make the whole thing a headbanger's heaven indeed. If you've ever caught them at a festival or nodded your head along to a track then this is the perfect time to become a loyal mothetrucker because 'Fighting For Everything' is a perfect distillation of just what Trucker Diablo are all about. 

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