Sunday, February 5, 2017

GOTTHARD: ”Silver”

Rating: RR
Label: PIAS
Review by Martien Koolen

Silver is the new album of Swiss hard rockers Gotthard and it is their third album with the ”new” singer Nic Maeder. Silver contains thirteen new tracks and needless to say that if you liked their two previous albums, then you will love their new release as well.

Silver is a special album for the guys as the 25th anniversary’s importance to the band is already evident in the title of the album. Silver kicks off with Silver River, one of the best songs of the album, being a nice, cool groove rocker that promises a lot for the rest of the album. However, most songs that follow are unfortunately not that good as the opener! The first single Stay With Me, is a rather predictable power ballad, while Reason For This is extremely poppy and Not Fooling Anyone is an utterly boring acoustic song filled with strings. Why is another mediocre, dull semi-acoustic track, while Only Love Is Real is another ballad that not really comes to live. Luckily My Oh My is saves this album a bit as it is a great Gotthard song, filled with excellent riffs and hooks and a marvellous guitar solo. Tequila Symphony Number Five features bits of Beethoven’s notorious fifth symphony and is again a bit of a weird song.

For me, Silver is a true disappointment and I really miss the old Gotthard as I still cherish great albums like Human Zoo (2003) and One Life, One Soul (2002). Silver is, sad but true, nothing more than an average, mediocre, rock album and I think that, seeing the keen competition in the music business, Gotthard will have to come up with other song material to survive.

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