Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Rating: N/A

Label: Self Release

Review By: Alan Holloway

So, officially coming out of nowhere (Totonto, actually) is Mike Milan Dedic, a Canadian guitarist who has been plucking away since he was twelve yet only has a couple of releases to his name from twenty and thirty years ago. Let's be honest, though, a five track instrumental release is hard to muck up, unless you're The Great Kat or some other egomaniac.

Dedic doesn't seem that way inclined, thankfully, bringing to the table five pleasant, well played pieces that feature calm, collected solo work and fine melody throughout.The solo work veers into shredding at times, but not overtly so, and it's a good thing that he doesn't just play as fast as he can throughout.It's a compliment that you could tell someone that final track 'Shall We Dance?' is an unreleased Joe Satriani track from the 'Surfing With The Alien' era and they might well believe you, as it's got that cool, understated rhythm livened up with a nifty middle solo.

This is an EP that isn't likely to cross too many people's paths, but if you like instrumental guitar pieces it's a really nice little package to check out. You get the feeling Mike plays for the sheer enjoyment of it, the crisp, clear notes floating around the room like butterflies. Mike Milan Dedic isn't setting the world on fire with this, but he is at least making it a little warmer.

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