Monday, January 4, 2016

DIRTY GLORY: "Mind The Gap"

Rating: RRRR

Label: Self Release

Reviewed By: Alan Holloway

Sleazy rock is one of those genres that features lots of men with daft names trying to be Motley Crue, sometimes exceeding the original’s talent but more often rattling off a pale imitation. The first happy surprise of the new year is this debut from Brazil’s Dirty Glory, who have managed to release a rather solid retro rock album despite having a bassist called Vikki Sparkz who doesn’t even have the decency to be a girl.

‘Mind The Gap’ is a bit of a treat for those that bemoan the fact that grunge came along and stopped all their favourite bands from making increasingly shit records and snorting up half of Columbia between solos. He best thing about it is that you can’t lazily sit back and say ‘Oh, they’re a Guns and Roses clone’ or whatever, as Dirty Glory manage to pilfer from any number of bands , mixing it all up into a highly entertaining mix in a way that the likes of faster Pussycat of Pretty Boy Floyd could only dream of. “20 Years Of Moving On”, for example, would have been a killer song for Guns ‘n’ Roses instead of just about anything on the wank fest that is ‘Use Your Illusion’. Vocalist Jimmy DG handles the whole thing very well indeed, his voice somewhere between Axl Rose and Vince Neil, and you can imagine the nifty power ballad “Every Time I Think About You’ rocking MTV in the late Eighties with ease.

With a cover that’s not even a bit embarrassing and a solid, well put together booklet, Dirty Glory have put together an album that is pleasing aesthetically as well as musically. Obviously there’s a target market that it will appeal to most, but really anyone who enjoyed ‘Rock Of Ages’ will get a real kick out of “Mind The Gap”. It’s not gonna change the world, but it might just sprinkle some fairy dust over whoever buys it.

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