Wednesday, October 14, 2015

VOODOO HILL: "Waterfall"

Rating: RRRR
Label: Frontiers 2015
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

Hoodoo wanna voodoo? It's been 11 long years since last we hang out at the Voodoo Hill. Time passed, things changed, and merely The Voice Of Rock stayed the same. Let's face it. Glenn is God, what a voice, still at the top of his game in the year of 2015. 'Too fat to rock' according to Gary Moore already back in 1985, and basically the massive drug user and 'has-been' according to most. Well. Hughes never leave you disappointed on record and that goes for every single effort from Deep Purple to Black Country Communion, Black Sabbath, Trapeze, Gary Moore, Phenomenia, John Norum, Hughes/Thrall, etc. Sheer class from first to last note.

"Waterfall", the latest work of the duo Glenn Hughes and guitarist/songwriter Dario Mollo. We're talking about classy arrangements and compositions in the 70's meet 80's melodic hard rock style. It's actually a lot more melodic and 80's sounding than previous album (also great and one of my fave albums of 2004) that had this dark riffing and Sabbath meet Kyuss sort of agenda. They have returned with a sound that is easily as good as any Hughes fronted act in the past 30 years. The songs slams its way out of the speakers and in to your little grey cells.

Not (always) instantly catchy though and you need to spin this a couple of times to get the full picture. 'Underneath And Down Below', the superb mid-tempo track slash semi-ballad that grows for each spin. It simply oozes of Blackmore and Plant. The title track, the ballad of the year? And there's plenty of great uptempo rockers that show us a duo that didn't stagnate or become just another bleak version of proper rock'n roll. Recommended.

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