Friday, July 24, 2015

Mark STANWAY: "Close To The Mark" (book)

Mark Stanway 2015
Review by The Bailey Bros

Having known Mark Stanway personally for many decades and hung together at his home I can say with all honesty this book is a true account of the musician and family man we all know and love. It makes a change to actually read a book that’s been put together by the artiste without the gloss and constant reference points and attention to detail a ghost writer would insist on. It’s just like sitting at the pub and Mark reeling off yet another funny story, they all equate to a very amusing and entertaining read. 

The legendry story of Phil Mogg (Lead vocalist in UK band UFO) gets yet another confirmed eye witness account that he did fall off stage drunk and break his leg but with some extra bits added on which are hilarious. Whilst he’s reminiscing he’s also revealing the huge list of stars he’s played with such as Robert Plant, Phil Lynott, 3M with the original Whitesnake players Murray, Marsden and Moody, also Alvin Stardust etc. He will however be best known for his time in Magnum, a great British rock band still going strong today. 

The book also reveals his long time friendship with leaders of Hells Angels and there’s a tale about a haunted recording studio where his friend “Jimmy the Toad” performs an exorcism shouting at the evil spirits whilst waving his dick about in the air in every haunted room.  By all accounts it worked. 

For a first time author Mark has done ok, with a book that doesn’t offer a big insight into his childhood and background; it rather focuses on life on the road. It’s been an interesting journey and I’m sure there will be a follow up book to this but don’t leave it too long Mark, whilst telling you about his friends the phrase "Sadly departed" appears way too often and highlights the need to enjoy life to the max. 

Get your copy from , grab a beer, sit back and enjoy.

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