Tuesday, February 25, 2014

W.E.T. "One Live In Stockholm" 2CD/DVD

Rating: Live
Label: Frontiers 2014
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

W.E.T. their first live release and the posh triple digi-pack treatment (2 CD, 1 DVD) and they both include the same basic track listing. The only difference being the second CD bonus material from the 'Rise Up' sessions and the tracks of "Poison" and "Bigger Than The Both Of Us". Erik 'Eclipse' Mårtensson, apparently the fan of recycling and thus the original WET tracks of 'Poison', 'Broken Wings', 'Brothers In Arms', etc. This particular 'Poison' may not kill you as it's the none lethal piece of melodic rock (read pretty average tune). 'Bigger Than The Both Of Us" is a completely different story though. Very catchy and Jeff Scott Soto (Talisman, Yngwie Malmsteen, Journey) gets to shine with yet another massive performance.

The DVD may not provide you with any actual insight about the band. There's no close up's, backstage banter nor interviews. Merely the quick word with each member just prior to entering the stage and Eric Mårtensson talks about the craziness of shooting this very DVD at their second gig together as a band. It's basically the live show (19 tracks) and extra material consist of the two music videos, "Love Heals", and "Learn To Live Again". I'm not a fan of the first track and isn't it basically a retake at Love Hurts?

The first five tracks goes by very quickly though as JSS does not bother with in between stage banter and it's merely the odd 'C'mon' or 'Here we go' and they are off to the next song and dance number. They recorded their live performance at Debaser, Stockholm, approx. a month prior to releasing their second album and the vast majority of their audience are listening to many of these songs for the very first time. Hardly the biggest venue in the history of rock music (Debaser), but at least they packed the place with excited fans and friends. In fact, folks from all over the world are present at the show (USA, Holland, etc). JSS tries to include the odd Swedish phrase every now and then, but, eventually end up saying, "I know a little bit of Swedish and I'm not gonna tell you since I'll get arrested".

Hardly the largest stage in rock for that matter (Debaser), barely enough room for any camera man on stage and thus why the 'not-so-mobile' set view from stage right at level with Robban Bäck (drums). No worries as you obviously get the usual stage upfront views and it's all been nicely filmed and cut by BollMedBen Film AB. It's the overall feeling of watching the old boot, only with the sound and visual quality of the rather modern day production of course. Speaking of lack of room and space. You can barely spot Robert Säll (keyboards/guitar) during the gig as he's mostly hidden away in the dark and stage left (from the audience point of view) ...And it's probably for the best considering the hairdo. Clearly not the 'work of art' (relax people, only kidding!).

We all know JSS as the confident front man/singer and it's no surprise to find the pipes in good shape and form on the WET as well as Talisman material (I'll Be Waiting, Mysterious). Mårtensson is the real surprise as he provide wicked harmonies, guitar work, and the very confident version of "Bleed & Scream". The drums could perhaps do with the extra beef and boost, but the DVD will give excellent value for the bob if you're into wet.

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