Friday, July 19, 2013

GURU: "White"

Rating: RR
Label: MelodicRockRecords 2013
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

Metal Guru, they are certainly not (see Marc Bolan review elsewhere). White is in fact the rather strange mix of Westcoast and Melodic Metal as if they've decided to record the not so likely tribute album to Tommy 'Mental' Denander (don't bother). G√úRU from Spain are obviously inspired by Scandi as well as soft rock and they might even describe their music as Radioactive Toto. We don't always tend to agree though as there's no real spark in the dark. It should literally glow in the dark since that's the least to expect from radioactive stuff. Simply ask the poor Chernobyl kids and that's no joking matter. Track two, 'Straight To Your Heart', best of the bunch and comes complete with dut-dut keys and everything. Very nice, darn catchy, but-oh-so polite and sterile. The following song and dance number goes through the motion and may lack the spirit of rock n roll. The next one reminded us of Jan Johansen and his sappy Euro-vision material. The rest of the tracks are all very mid-tempo and trampled upon by the different styles and genre changes. Back to the drawing board and better luck next time.

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