Friday, March 1, 2013

Chantal CLARET: "The One The Only"

Rating: RR
Label: TheEndRecords 2013
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

Modern twist on early femme-pop? The lovely Chantal "CC" Claret mixes big sixties beats and the sultry swing of Peggy Lee (Fever), Nancy Sinatra (These Boots Are Made For Walking), etc. with a contemporary hip hop embllishment, for her solo debut, "The One And Only". You may remember Chantel for her time fronting sort of acclaimed rock band Morningwood, as they sold out tours around the world and had the #1 debut on the billboard Heetseekers Chart.

Chantal is a very agreeable character, little lady - big voice, cool as the summer breeze. Add the pleasant temprament and quite the witty lyricist, but this doesn't mean that everything she says or rather sings make sense. Perhaps you're not supposed to read in too much into song titles such as "Pop Pop Bang Bang" or "Honey Honey" ?? Like, whatever. There are so many artists/bands out there that are just singing nonsense and these tracks are no worse or better than anyone else.

It's obvious that several tracks fall into or under the same category as Amy Winehouse and her followers such as Duffy. But, you also get the more contemporary hip hop dance sound and arrangements. The secret of success? Simply repeat every other word twice-twice honey honey and pop pop bang bang along-long to the happy happy joy joy melodies? Oy oy. So-so. Bye Bye.

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