Tuesday, September 18, 2012

MYTHIC FORCE: "Twilight Prelude"

Rating: RR* (see below)
Label: MFR 2012
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

First impression, plenty of fun tricks and metal licks by the two lead guitarists Broderick Gray (also lead vocals) and Karl Helmar. They are very true to their eighties style and several different techniques used by the neo-classical trained guitarist are at play on "Twilight Prelude". They hammer, rip, and shred, and the fast key changes and speedy (flashy) notes throughout the album is a rare discovery in this time and era.

Twilight Prelude, the latest concept album by the USA group and part of the Mythic Force trilogy. What's it all about? Well, ehem, laced with symbolism the story takes place in the dark ages of a distant, mythical land. A knight is sent on a mission to defeat the Pahntom aka The Evil One aka Demon King (yeah, yeah, whatever). The knight's mission is to venture the labyrinth and find the sword of power before the phantom finds him. It's basically the typical dungeons and dragons story of the past and it's all very back to the eighties somehow. Retro metal vs. retro role playing games (nerdy?).

Originally formed in 1991, Mythic Force toured mostly the East Coast and released several albums including "Sacred Vision" and "I, II, III". In late 2010 with new members Joey Anaya (bass) and Mike Crisafulli (drums), they returned to the studio to complete the trilogy of neo-classical power/heavy metal. Pros and cons - the overall metal music (14 tracks) and the extremely skillful guitar playing, the not so good stuff, the production and the rather average vocals by Gray. He's a class guitarist but sadly not quite as talanted when it comes to vocals. Have a go at the link below to find out more about the band (RRRR for the smashing guitarwork).

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