Sunday, September 20, 2020

RISING STEEL: "Fight Them All"

Rating: RRR
Label: Frontiers 2020
Review by: Urban "Wally" Wallstrom

Rising Steel is an up and coming heavy metal band from Grenoble, France. They have power riffing and pounding drums in the tradition of Angel Dust, Annihilator, Nevermore and Vicious Rumors. They are right on the friggin' border, walking the thin white line, where classic Heavy Metal meets Thrash. It's kind of blunt and complete with dodgy Conan metal lyrics and killer lines such as and I quote, "Rotten in bloody flesh corpses are on the floor. Evil eye on the cross. Mask of the dead of the door", end quote. Yeah, baby! What's not to like?

But seriously. Dodgy lyrics, but I kind of like it? The riffs are soon flying across the room and the arrangements are powerful and kind of hook-y. It's all strangely impressive in a THORoughly odd kind of way. My mind is telling me it's too derranged and dumb to be messing around with. Yet my head is banging along to their savage melodies and the fists are pumping in the air. Hardly news to anyone, but "Fight Them All" is an album that will sound better when played loud and simply let your mind go to the awaiting moshpit.

The style serves them well as the Grenoble geezers tips it collective viking helmet to the metal kings of the past. "Steel Hammer" will get yer blood boiling and "Malefice" is enough to have the AOR fan running to the hills. The more memorabale moments are the creepier, sickening ones, where the corpses are on the floor and it's devastation and pain to its fullest mark. A couple of truly pathetic titles as well as tracks could scare away the potential fan though. Remove them and work harder on the lyrics next time and we're in for a new metal sensation. For now, simply turn it up loud and count to ten...

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